Guess I lost this one


After an intense and long knitting evening, the first one in a long time (more than a week), I was finally able to cast of the cotton candy shawl. The yarn looks like cotton candy and even though I know it’s all natural fibres, there is something sticky about it and honestly, I just want it out of my house, despite the color being fabulous. I got six skeins of it, “just to be on the safe side”, and the shawl used up four. Or, well, four skeins and a few decimeters. Since I just want the yarn out of my house, there is something a little creepy about it (yes, it spent at least a week in the freezer, just like every other yarn), I figure I’ll immeadiately have to cast on a hat with the rest of the yarn and then finish with a pair of wristwarmers if I have any left overs. Then a quick block and then it’s bye, bye, weird, sticky cotton candy yarn. At least four skeins are completely finished and I can see the light at the end of the tunel.