So, so close


Today I was at a work out convention and all in all I managed to take four classes. Working out that much in one day required preparations and I must say I successfully brought enough (well, more than enough) food and snacks, clean clothes and other little gadgets that make your work out better. There was really only one thing I will have to reconsider if I’m ever doing it again. I hadn’t not thought that most classes would be open and in such a concert style, which meant that I spent most of my spare time watching other classes and that it was fairly dark while I did this. It was like knitting in the movies (something I have not yet done, I haven’t leveled up so to speak, but then again I don’t go to movies that often and I know socks are great movie knitting but I only knit socks in the fall and there you have it. It will happen though), dark and busy. I did have a sock with me and I was neither at the ribbing the heel, the gusset nor the toe and I still failed. My new socks are also in my favorite Business Casual pattern which means something happens every single row. I couldn’t just knit on in stockinette stitch and be happy, no I had to watch what I was doing. I didn’t let that stop me though and went on for almost two inches until I noticed a mistake I couldn’t fix in the dark. I did it when I got back home instead but by the time I sat down with my knitting, after eating and showering and just feeling tired, it was dark outside and I realized I have not even looked properly at my knitting in daylight. It was dark in the arena and it’s dark now. I’m sure the sock is cute but I’ll take a proper look tomorrow. Next year I will plan better.

At least the mistake is fixed.