Fall has fallen and I need socks


I know it’s insane but it’s the truth. It’s cold outside! Today a knitted shawl was not enough at all and yesterday my feet were dead cold when we had the balcony door open. This is not acceptable but it’s the truth and as soon as my White summer (hah!) cardigan is done I’m going to cast on a pair of socks. You see, it seems I’m horribly under-socked. My lovely rainbow socks have no heels anymore (serves me right for using yarn without any nylon in it) and the green ones are impossible to put on. The other day when I searched for socks I could only find store bought ones in my drawer. This knitter is not putting on store bought socks. No, I need new socks. New, warm, pretty and comfortable socks. I have a thing for knitting socks in the fall (whenever I try to cast on a pair after New Year’s I never finish them so fall it is) but I thought mid-August was a bit early to count as fall. I checked though and last year I knit four pairs of adult socks and I cast on the first pair August 15. That’s only 10 days away and I managed to finish them so this might not be too early after all. I know there is yarn in the freezer that are intended for socks for me but that didn’t stop me from thinking Socks! when I made a little yarn purchase the other day and I think we are dealing with the sock equivalent to grocery shopping while hungry – if I don’t cast on soon I will go out and buy sock yarn where ever I can just because my feet are Cold and I feel a need to do something about it. Socks it is. I just need to find a pattern.