The pleasures of summer #4 – A little cleaning that leads to inspiration


One thing that can be done in summer is cleaning. Spring is most often such a busy time that things like cleaning get neglected. I’m not sure it’s a pleasure to clean but it sure is a pleasure when it’s done.┬áToday was such a day for cleaning. I looked through and oraganized my desk a bit. There were a lot of knitting pattern now, patterns now stored in my knitting library. I also took some time to look through a few knitting magazines that I found. I’ve looked through them before but a girl needs a break. It’s now clear to me that I need to make more sweaters. I usually get this feeling before fall but I never really follow through. After the burgundy tank top I and the ribbon sweater I like the idea of making more tank tops (I love not having to make sleeves) and also some sweaters and cardigans. Now, what might the perfect cardigan pattern be?