The pleasures of summer #2 – A friend with a car


For me there is a Håkan Hellström song to almost all the major happenings in life and also one connected to almost all the people in my life. The best way to enjoy his songs is at a concert when you are newly dumped. Ironically enough I’ve been to no less than two of his concerts while being dumped just the day before or not very long ago, one time I was even there with the ex in question. There are happy songs as well but they don’t hit you the way the sad onces does.

There are also Håkan Hellström songs connected to minor events, like today for example. There is a song from Håkan’s first album called En vän med en bil (A friend with a car – connected to the movie Festival which is filmed at a music festival in Sweden, a festival that me and Agnieszka visited together in 2001 and then watched the movie later that same summer (while eating cherries and practising making little knots of the stem using only our tounges, but that’s a whole different story) that felt very suiting today.


A friend of mine recently got his driver’s license and is looking for opportunities to use the car. One opportunity happened today when we went for coffee at an old mill a little outside the town. Small field trips are definitely something that happens in the summer. My friend’s driving was very good and I also had an excellent chocolate cake. A very good field trip despite the rain that came pouring down at a couple of times (but then we were all sitting under a roof or safely seated in the car).


In the evening me and another friend borrowed a car and went for a little ride. It was a lovely evening, warm and clear and we had tea while talking and watching the sunset. It was simply a good day for friends with cars.