Sommaren snurrar fort när vi bara snöar bort


There is a line in the first Håkan Hellström song that I learned by heart, that springs to mind every summer. It was the summer of 2001, I was 16 and I was going by bus across the country to visit a friend and all the while listening to the mixed tape Agnieszka had given me that included the song Nu kan du få mig så lätt (Now you can get me so easily). The entire song totally explained my life as it was, or so I thought, and the song is now forever connected to that. I still love the song too (and I still know all the lyrics). The line is “the summer whirls quickly while we are just snowing away” and I always get the feeling during summer that while it rushes past I’m missing it all. There is so much connected with summer, so much you are supposed to do and instead you are just vacuuming or staring blankly into the air and you feel that you are wasting everything. So far I’ve made errands, taken about a thousand showers (that’s what happens when you work out a lot), vacuumed and not knit nearly as much as I had hoped. All the things I’ve done needed to be done so I really shouldn’t feel bad (easier sad than done) and there have been very nice things as well – lunches and tea and hanging out with Agnieszka and getting a new knitting friend and much more – and I should hang on to that. From now on I will state one (or more) nice summer-y things that I done each day here on the blog for the rest of the summer, to help myself remember that I’m not snowing away while the summer whirls quickly. No, I’m whirling with it! Let’s keep whirling!