I want a party too!


Summer is progressing and so is my vacation. I knit and I work out and that’s pretty much it (I do try to eat watermelon as well but it’s tricky to find a ripe one). That’s all I’ve planned to do this summer (and maybe read some things, preferably in French). It’s nothing big nor huge, it might even sound boring to the uninitiated, but it’s okay and it’s enough. I have lots of yarn and I will get more and I have plenty of difficult patterns in pipeline. Me and Jess are dedicated and happy (even though Schmidt is saying in the next frame that he hates that she knits, he obviously hasn’t gotten anything knitted from her or else he wouldn’t be so jealous of her craft) and there is just nothing else to wish for than that. Yes, I’m dedicated! So, when are we having a party?