What else would I do with the leftovers?


As you know I’ve made four Vacillate so far. There was my own, there were Agnieszka’s and Sara’s and then the one I made a few weeks ago. They have all rendered quite a lot of leftovers and me and Agnieszka has been discussing what to do with them. Matching wristwarmers seemed like a good idea.


I started playing around with the yarn to see if the Vacillate pattern could be transfered into wristwarmers. After a few mistakes it worked, or rather, it worked okay. They are a bit tight and I will add ten stitches if I make another pair.


The only problem, besides them being too tight, was that we wanted to use four contrasting colors but four pattern repeats would have made the cuffs way too long.


I solved it by using different colors on the two wristwarmers. We weren’t sure if it would work first but a little voice inside me said to continue. I did and I think they turned out great. It doesn’t matter they are different, it still looks composed and collected, especillay together with the shawl. I think it’s because the main color and the pattern stay the same.


All in all I’m very happy with them and so is Agnieszka, who kindly modelled them together with her shawl. I think I need a pair of my own as well.


Pattern: Vacillate by Cindy Garland, transformed into wirstwarmers by me. Yarn: Stunning Superwash from Stunning String Studio, colors Coffee Beans, Ocean Breeze, Fields of Grain, Paprika and Blue Soapstone.