How much does your life change in five years?


Okay, so it really isn’t news to me that babies grow. I have made this observation before but it feels like my own life is slowly slowing down while kids’ lives are just picking up speed all the time. During five years in my life it doesn’t happen that much (which is totally a lie but it feels that way) but during five years in a childs’s life there is no end to what will happen.


My darling little niece turned four a few weeks ago. The first time I met her she wasn’t even two years old and the second time she was just over three. Now she is four. Five years ago I didn’t know her. Five years ago, nobody knew her and nobody knew she was about to enter our lives. In these five years she has grown in her mother’s tummy, she has entered the world, she has gone from baby to toddler to child, she has travelled the world (well, at least some parts of it) and she has learned how to walk and talk and smile and laugh and play and ride a bike and she knows how to say butterfly in three different languages and she has gotten more than 10 knitted items from Aunt Ina.


My darling niece has gone from nothing five years ago to being a whole little person who likes to go swimming and run fast and gives the best hugs. That’s quite a lot. So what have I accomplished in the same time?


Five years ago I was about the be dumped by the guy I had been dating for the past 6 months. I thought I was going to have the best summer of my life and instead I lost my job and I got dumped. Since then I’ve got a new job. I’ve taken a lot of classes at the university. I’ve met Julle. I’ve been to Warsaw four times and the US once. I’ve bought my first apartment. I’ve gotten married. I’ve turned 30. I’ve lost a parent. Five years ago I actually already knew how to say butterfly in three different languages but I’ve potentially learned it in a fourth and I’ve knit more than ten different items for my niece.


I’ve done a lot in the past five years but it doesn’t feel like that much. The truth is though that both me and niece have gotten whole new lives in that time (well, maybe she didn’t get a new life, she was born which is probably much bigger an accomplishment than to just change the life you already have).


During the next five years she will hopefully learn how to read and write and add and subtract and she will form opinions (and probably won’t like knitted items from Aunt Ina anymore) and she will meet friends and maybe lose some of them and gain new ones. She will read books (some of them probably from Aunt Ina since the sweaters will no longer be as interesting) and get to know more of the world and there is no end to the possibilities.

For me? Well, there is absolutely no way to know what the future holds. But one thing is for sure, it will be interesting no matter what.


Pattern: Zephyr by Allison Britt. Yarn: Drops Muskat from Garnstudio, color 38 dark purple.