Rainy day leisure


Yesterday it rained all day. Perfect knitting weather and, since I have dubbed this summer the summer of knitting and working out, it went along well with my plans so I didn’t stick my nose out the door all day long (except a few minutes on the balcony to see how the dahlias were doing). First I finished up some loose ends (literally), blocked a shawl, and so on. Then I wasn’t in the mood to continue on the ribbon yarn sweater (don’t worry, it will get finished, one of these day) so instead I played around a bit. Me and Agnieszka have been talking about making wristwarmers of the Vacillate leftovers and yesterday I started looking into that. It’s a little tricky to convert a back-and-forth pattern into one in-the-round and also making everything a little smaller. My first try, the blue one, turned out well but will only allow me to use two contrastin colors unless want the wristwarmers to be more like arm warmers (and that requires a whole lot of increasing and such and I’m not particularly interested in getting into that right now) but the second one, the orange, is a bit boring. Or, at least, more boring thant he blue one. We’ll see what I decide on in the end but it was a quite fun way to spend a rainy day.