Sea shell lace


My green shawl is finished and blocking. Blocking never ceases to amaze me. When this shawl was just off the needles, it was a green little pile of curling knitted fabric and look at it now! There was something else as well.


Before pinning out all the little points, I pinned out a few of them evenly around the shawl edge. It made the lace edge look much more different, even in a way. Not necessarily bad, more soft I’d say, than when all the points are pinned out.


When all the points are pinned out it reminds me of a sea shell, the way it curves. I think it’s so cool that the knitter herself can actually change that much in the final look of the garment depending on how you block it. Not to mention, again, how different lace looks when it’s blocked and how much you can pull at it. Also, a pointy edge makes it easier to block than a straight line in a crescent shaped shawl if you don’t use blocking wires. At least in my opinion.