The dahlia conundrum


My dahlias seem to thrive so far. They are beautiful and I love them. The weather has been warm but not too warm and today has been rainy. I’ve noticed that dahlias are a bit of a gamble. When we first got dahlias for the balcony two years ago, the label said they wanted semi-shade. I thought our balcony would be perfect for that, it’s sunny till about 2 pm and then in the shade. That summer was the warmest summer in forever and all of July was amazing and we could sit out on the balcony all night long without being cold. While we were enjoying our balcony and the weather, the dahlias slowly wilted. The buds died before even developing into flowers. I realized it was too hot for dahlias. A wise person would have gone for something else the next year but I happen to really like dahlias so I got some more. Last summer was all rainy and cloudy and the dahlias loved it. My flower boxes exuberated with dahlias, up until August, that is, when the summer turned very warm. We’ll see how this summer turns out. So far it’s all good and sure, I want a warm summer, but when it rains I can always think of how much the dahlias like it.