Not what I expected


I’ve had a set back and an unexpected one too. This has never happened to me before. The other day I was at a new work out class at the gym, one where we lifted heavy things. This resulted in sore muscles, which was expected. Very sore muscles, but nothing I can’t handle. Then yesterday I went to another work out class, this time a boxing inspired class. I’m not sure if these two classes combined is the thing to blame but today my left upper arm is super sensitive. It grunts very unhappily every time I try to bend my arm more than 90 degrees, up to a point where I try to actually avoid bending my arm. I have lifted heavy things many times before and I have had sore muscles before but this is something entirely new. The easiest tasks are now difficult to manage, like brush my hair or blow my nose and worst of it is that knitting requires that I bend my arm! Yesterday I tried knitting with a pillow under the arm and that helped a little but we’ll see how tonight goes. I usually enjoy having sore muscles, it means that I have worked them and I’m also reminded that I use them quite more often than I think, since small little things that I usually don’t even notice now makes the muscles ache. This though, this arm thing, I’m not particularly fond of. I hope it will pass soon because I have a lot of knitting to do and a weekend a head to do it and I can’t be restrained by something so trivial as an arm sore from working out. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will be over by tomorrow.