Too much time and no time at all


I read through my friend Christine’s blog today and she had written down exactly what I myself have been feeling. Nothing has been finished in a while and I don’t have much else to say either. Or rather, I have unfinished things to show but I’m not very inspired to say something about them. Paradoxically enough, I have more time now that summer break has started but I also filled that time with visits to the gym and other things that I neglected plus that I have a lot at work right now. That drains all my energy at the same time as I’m very content but not very inspired to write anything. This doesn’t mean, as Christine also said, that there is no knitting going it. There is a lot of knitting going on in the moments inbetween other things (still, knitting and workout are not really combinable unfortunately) but just stolen moments here and there. Tomorrow though, tomorrow I have nothing planned in the evening and I will knit and hopefully also block Vacillate that actually got finished earlier today. Knitting, here I come!