Ode to a guelder-rose


I love this time of the year (I bet everyone says that). Flowers everywhere, especially lilacs. I love lilas but there is one other flower that is a little forgotten, I think. It smells lovely and and is really pretty. I’m talking about the guelder-rose. If I ever move into a house I want guelder-roses in the garden. I know of only one in my city, just outside my job, and I make sure to walk past it as often as I can. The guelder-rose is mentioned in a very petty summer song where they make a midsummer flower crown out of guelder-roses (which is weird since they are almost finished blooming now and midsummer isn’t until another two and a half weeks) and I thought a lot about that flower when I was a kid because it  had a funny name and I had never seen one. Then someone pointed this gulder-rose bush out to me and my fascination has only grown now that I know what it is. Maybe I should buy a house just to be able to have some of these flowers around… Would that be weird, you think?