Me Made May ’16 – To sum up


I’m much better after my cold and have finally gotten my energy back. I know it’s a Little late but I do have a few days from Me Made May that I haven’t shown you yet. Monday May 23rd I wore my new cowl, that I haven’t shown you in all it’s glory yet. It will get a post of its own later on.


The weather was Lovely and on May 24th I put on a new summer dress with owls. But what knits to wear with it? Well, if there is anyone who knows how to incorporate her handknits (or rather my handknits) in her outfits, it’s Agnieszka, and I decided to think like her and came up with Vacillate (Vacillate really is the answer to everything lately). Not something I would normally match – the owls and Vacillate – but I think it totally works.


May 25th brought The Summer of and even though the colors are very summer-y I still find it hard to pull off. This was also the day where it was cold enough that I had to wear a hat as well.


May 26th I got home late in the evening and it was a rainy evening for me and Slip into Spring. This too is a difficult shawl to wear but I did get a compliment for it so maybe it’s not as bad as I think?


May 27th I went back to the goodies and wore my poncho. I love this poncho, it’s beautiful in every way. I’ve mostly worn it with dresses before and wearing it in May (where I didn’t really feel comfortable in a black dress) showed me that it works just as fine with a skirt and top.


May 28th we were at the blogger conference and I realized the difficulty of my pledge. Since I swore to wear new items every day I have for sure brought out new things that I haven’t worn in forever but the things that are new, like Knitangle, hasn’t gotten any attention at all. I wore it once in the beginning of May and then I had to move on to other things. I probably would have worn it more frequently this month if I hadn’t done the Me Made May. So for this Conference, after I realized I do run a knitting blog and that I myself am the best advertisment for my blog (wearing handknits and working on projects), I decided to wear one of my most beautiful things, which right now is Knitangle. To also wear something new I dug out these old wristwarmers. They are cute but old, I think I made them in 2010. Knitangle hasn’t gotten a post of its own yet either, but I will make sure to correct that. It’s too delicious not to share with the world.


Since there were only a few das left of May I decided to pick it up a noch and bring out the A-game (of what was left in the shawl drawer at least).  May 29 I wore Rock the Kasbah, a lovely, lovely shawl. Big and warm and pretty.


May 30th I took out one of my most elegant shawls – London Shadows. It was a Lovely day and I Think we should count this as the bang with which I went out and let’s not look to deeply at those socks with holes on their heels.

So what have I learned from Me Made May? Well, I will wear my blue cotton cardigan more and I now know I need new and prettier wristwarmers. After all, handknits do wear out after a while if you use them enough. I also know that I need more cotton since most of my knits are wool and it’s been a warm May for the most part. I did manage to wear something new every day and I did finish a new shawl for myself which was what I pledged. (Technically I finished two shawls but the MKAL was already started before May 1st.) I do have a lot of handknits, that’s for sure, but there is always room for more. I also learned a selfie now and then isn’t that bad and even though you can’t see all of the garment it’s still nice to see it on an actual person. It was a good experience and when I look at the pictures I am glad that it was Me Made May and not March since it was way easier to take nice pictures in May than it would have been in March. That’s all about my Me Made May experience, I think. I’ll show you the shawl later this weekend when I’ve been able to photograph it in a way that makes it justice – it’s a pretty awesome shawl.