He’ll grow into it


Last week my darling newphew turned two. He’s getting so big and since I don’t see him that often it’s always a surprise to find out how much he has grown. Last time I met him he liked eating buns, a lot of them, and he wanted to drink, preferably elderberry syrup, from a glass without anyone holding it for him (he didn’t really succeed in that one at the time) and he loved going round and round in the carrousel (and didn’t seem to mind that his aunt Ina was watching him like a hawk in case he forgot to hold on).


That was almost a year ago and from the pictures I received last week, I can tell he has grown a lot. He is now more of a child and not a baby, I believe that he still likes buns and carrousels and I’m sure he can now drink from a glass without anyone holding it for him. He is laughing and running around and I’m sad I can’t go running with him.


But I can knit him a sweater and that I did. I wanted the sweater to be good for summer so cotton it was and even though I’m not a huge fan of beige, I still find it a good color for a summer baby sweater. It’s not white so every little stain won’t be super obvious and it’s not dark so will not get too warm in the sun. With the dark red and the buttons I think it turned out nice. Stripes also have the advange of making something countable, instead of “knit 4 inches” you have “knit four beige rows, knit two red, continue till you have 4 inches”. Then there is always something happening and you can focus on the next red stripe (and you can count how many of those you’ve made to see your progress) instead of looking at an endless amount of rows till you reach 4 inches.


I took the pictures around the time it was finished, late March or something, and I was so very excited about that small ray of sunshine. Now it looks a little silly considering all the sunshine we have but in March we don’t get much of it on the balcony.


The pattern was nice but way too complicated. Not that it was hard to make but just unnecessary complicated. It wanted the sweater too look like it had seams while it really hasn’t and that quest for seams turned out a little ridiculous. I omitted a lot of them but kept some but I think the sweater would have looked just as nice without them. Or, rather, they do make for a nice touch but I’m not sure they were worth the effort, if I may say that. Anyway, the sweater is finished, it’s pretty and nephew looks good in it even though it’s a bit too big for him. I think he likes it too.


The big button charms me to no end.

Pattern: Thistle by Julie Partie. Yarn: Drops Muskat from Garnstudio, colors 23 beige and 41 bordeaux.