Perfect planning?


Right now, right now it seems like everything might actually come together. This week is meticulously planned in every litte detail. The logistics are heavy and nothing can be forgotten. The baby vest is blocking and so are the wristwarmers. The latter will be photographed tomorrow evening and then wrapped up and given away. The baby vest will be sewn together on Saturday evening. The presentation due tomorrow is almost finished but I have decided to wrap it up tomorrow instead of tonight as planned. It’s too late and I’m much more energized and spot on in the morning than in the evening. Saturday is an important day as well but there is not much to prepare for that, I just need to wake up in time.

Since all my knitting deadlines are mostly met I deserve an evening together with my lilac shawl. We have developed a long distance relationship since I’ve been working on other stuff but my thoughts have always been with the shawl. Tonight we will have a brief encounter again and I plan on making the most out of it. Literally.

A box of chocolate


I have the best co-workers. Today I got an entire box full of chocolate just because I have a friend at work who knows that I love Polish chocolate. It will come in handy because this is probably the busiest period of all at work and a little chocolate always helps. This load should last till mid-June or maybe even till Midsummer if nothing unexpected happens. I feel very rich and very spoiled, can you imagine, a box full of chocolate!

Just a little wristwarmer


A wristwarmer is taking form and continues steady on. It needs to be done by Friday and it will be a close call. I’m busy Wednesday and Thursday but I might get some bits and pieces in here and there. I’m quite looking forward when all this is over, knitting deadlines, study deadlines and work deadlines. I’m in need of vacation but already three weeks from now things will be less busy. I’ll focus on that while I keep knitting on my wristwarmer.

The Chic Lit Chanel Jacket


The day has been grey and rainy but I don’t really mind rain when the trees are green and there are flowers round. It alo gave me a chance to wear my chic lit Chanel jacket. I like it more and more and I find it very elegant. It’s quite hard to take pictures of a jacket you are wearing yourself so most of my pics are on the dummy. The jacket is way too big for the dummy but rest assured it looks better on.


The stitch pattern is pretty but it really took forever to make this. Almost three years. My persistence back in 2013 wasn’t very good and once the body and a little more than half a sleeve was done, so was I. Then I didn’t pick it up again until this February. It didn’t take long to finish both sleeves and then it took forever to put it together, seams and buttons and so on.


Personally I’ve always thought of it as the Chic Lit Jacket but “chic lit” aren’t words that are easily understood when uttered in a Swedish sentence so to make it easier I’ve simply called it the Chanel jacket.


The little fake pocket is my favorite detail I think. Together with the buttons it really dots the i. I’m really glad I finished it and I think we will have many great times together in the future.


Pattern: Jacket with Contrasting Edging by Sirdar Spinning Ltd. Yarn: Drops Baby Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio, colors 1101 white and 3125 light pink. Mods: knit the back and front pieces in one piece instead of multiple up until the armholes. Worked out pretty well, I must say.


A few hours later and look!


Huh, look what a few hours of knitting can make. From just a little band to an entire vest in just about a day. It just needs a block, some seams and buttons. I figure it’s better to block it before sewing it up, or at least quicker. The seaming is slim to none, only two short shoulder seams. The pockets are a little crooked but I don’t think the one year old will care, I doubt there are many toys that fit in them anyway. I must say this yarn is much better than the one I used for my first go at this pattern, this one really makes the stitch pattern pop. It will be nice to see it blocked in a day or two.

Small can still be big


It doesn’t look like much but when you consider it’s for a one year old, it’s a lot more, if that logic works for you. I’m indulging in a knitting afternoon and I will continue doing that. If you need me I’m behind the knitting needles.

He’ll grow into it


Last week my darling newphew turned two. He’s getting so big and since I don’t see him that often it’s always a surprise to find out how much he has grown. Last time I met him he liked eating buns, a lot of them, and he wanted to drink, preferably elderberry syrup, from a glass without anyone holding it for him (he didn’t really succeed in that one at the time) and he loved going round and round in the carrousel (and didn’t seem to mind that his aunt Ina was watching him like a hawk in case he forgot to hold on).


That was almost a year ago and from the pictures I received last week, I can tell he has grown a lot. He is now more of a child and not a baby, I believe that he still likes buns and carrousels and I’m sure he can now drink from a glass without anyone holding it for him. He is laughing and running around and I’m sad I can’t go running with him.


But I can knit him a sweater and that I did. I wanted the sweater to be good for summer so cotton it was and even though I’m not a huge fan of beige, I still find it a good color for a summer baby sweater. It’s not white so every little stain won’t be super obvious and it’s not dark so will not get too warm in the sun. With the dark red and the buttons I think it turned out nice. Stripes also have the advange of making something countable, instead of “knit 4 inches” you have “knit four beige rows, knit two red, continue till you have 4 inches”. Then there is always something happening and you can focus on the next red stripe (and you can count how many of those you’ve made to see your progress) instead of looking at an endless amount of rows till you reach 4 inches.


I took the pictures around the time it was finished, late March or something, and I was so very excited about that small ray of sunshine. Now it looks a little silly considering all the sunshine we have but in March we don’t get much of it on the balcony.


The pattern was nice but way too complicated. Not that it was hard to make but just unnecessary complicated. It wanted the sweater too look like it had seams while it really hasn’t and that quest for seams turned out a little ridiculous. I omitted a lot of them but kept some but I think the sweater would have looked just as nice without them. Or, rather, they do make for a nice touch but I’m not sure they were worth the effort, if I may say that. Anyway, the sweater is finished, it’s pretty and nephew looks good in it even though it’s a bit too big for him. I think he likes it too.


The big button charms me to no end.

Pattern: Thistle by Julie Partie. Yarn: Drops Muskat from Garnstudio, colors 23 beige and 41 bordeaux.

Another post-workout picture


It feels like all I do this May is working out and knit despite the fact that I should study, But both knitting and working out is quite great (don’t get me wrong, I still prefer knitting over working out) so I don’t mind really. Except I do need to study and instead I’ve gotten two instant knitting deadlines for next weekend – a pair of wristwarmers and a baby vest. I know I don’t need to do it but I want to. After next weekend things will calm down for a week and then I have another busy week but after that things will be calmer. For a while at least. This morning I couldn’t find the shawl I was planning on wearing for Me Made May so I picked up a pair of wristwarmers from 2012 in Estonian lace, originally made to match an A-line coat with 3/4 sleeves. I don’t wear much these days but maybe I should, it felt good today. Yesterday I wore my Multnomah. It’s not as warm anymore so it’s easier to want to put on knitwear. Now, all I have to do is remember what I’ve aready worn, a task that is a challenge in itself.

I’m sure I just held it in my hands


When you knit something very quickly it’s easy to, when it’s all over, end up thinking “what happened, was it really true”. It’s lucky I document all my projects here and on Ravelry because some of them I don’t even remember making (that’s a lie but I probably would forget them easier if I didn’t take pictues of them first, remember what I said yesterday about the time before Ravelry?). I suspect this will be one of those projects.


It all happened so fast. It was Wednesday and as usual I went to zumba class. During class it became clear that I needed to knit a shawl and it needed på be teal. I Went to my LYS immeadiately afterwards and scored some great things, and I didn’t even put them in the freezer afterwards (at least not the balls I used (I might have gotten some other things too) but it was cotton so not as critical as wool. Disclaimer: I put ALL my yarn purchases in the freezer for a week, this has nothing to do with my thoughts on the moths status in the yarn store and I highly doubt I have ever cought anything and maybe it’s ridiculous and unnecessary but I do have a huge stash and I don’t want any non-invited guests and it’s such a cheap insurance to make a habit of putting any additions in the freezer before it’s going in the stash). Instead I cast on as soon as I got home.


I had bobbin lace class on Wednesday evening but other than that, I knit. I knit all of Thursday (we had a long weekend so I had Thursday and Friday off) except for an hour or two of studying and another hour for working out. On Thursday evening it became clear that I was going to run out of main color yarn. This meant another trip to the yarn store on Friday, before doing laundry, and I got more yarn of each color, just to be on the safe side (which was lucky, it later turned out) and I might also have gotten enough yarn for another shawl as well, or two. Or three. It’s just, the colors are so seducing!


Then I knit and knit and knit for the rest of the weekend whenever I had a chance. My 2nd contrasting color also needed more than two balls so it was good that I had gotten some more. Around lunch time on Sunday it was done and I wove in the ends and got it blocked in the afternoon, but still made it to pre-workout froyo with Agnieszka. In the evening I started a new one.


Monday it was dry and yesterday I took pictures and today it met its new owner. The shawl was a big part of my life for a week and now it’s gone I’m standing here wondering what really happened. The recipient was very happy with it though so I’m very pleased that something that I loved so much will be equally loved by someone else. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.


Pattern: Pirate’s Cove by Threebagsfulled. Yarn: Drops Muskat from Garnstudio, colors 61 light beige, 24 medium grey and 74 petrol. No mods except that I accidentally made one extra repeat of the lace pattern.