The game is on


I’ve been knitting all day to finish up some almost finished projects, weaving in ends and sew on buttons, all to be able to fully commit to my little cowl. I now realize I have completely missed last of April and that May is only one hour away and I haven’t even listened to any spring choir music (I do that in the spring). Well, there is always tomorrow. I have also realized it is really difficult but quite fun to write patterns. The swatch was one thing but the real thing is harder but also more fun. It’s not easy to fully comprehend how your design will look while on the graph paper so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope all my stitches work out well in knitting as well as on paper. The yarn is great and the color perfect for my idea of the forest. I just wonder what I will call my pattern once it’s finished but I guess we can worry about that later.