Initiate Knit Design: Day #4


Today’s assignment in the Initiate Knit Design challenge is calculation. Since I use the metric system it’s not very hard to switch from a decimeter to a centimeter, you just add a comma since you divide by ten, instead of inches, where you have to divide by four. On the other hand it’s more difficult for me to understand the instructions, the numbers mean nothing to me, since they were in inches, so I guess it evens out. I was lucky with my calculations since all my stitch patterns were worked over six stitches (with a 2+1 stitch ribbing) so it was pretty easy to make it come together. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself, I guess the tree line lace might be difficult. By the way, no one seems to understand that it’s a tree line, people have suggested mountain tops and forest creeks but I stand by the tree line.) I wonder if tomorrow, the last day of the challenge, will send us off by actually casting on the real project. How exciting!

Lost in the woods


Because I’m currently a little obsessed with this I couldn’t resist showing my swatch in a better light. It really looks like a forest and since it took me almost four hours to create this I think it’s worth looking at again. The question is, does one really want to walk around looking like an actual forest? If I ever design again I will think more “garment” and less “theme”. I’m particulary happy with the stitch pattern at the bottom, it looks like fir trees! Especially from this angle. Perhaps I need to divide the swatch into three different patterns in the end but that’s a question for another day. For now, let’s just be happy about this and forget everything else.