Initiate Knit Design: Day #3


Today is swatch day in the Initiate Knit Design challenge. It took forever to swatch but it wouldn’t be a challenge if it were easy. I picked a very green yarn, something that looked very much like the Swedish forest, perfect for this project. I also only had one skein and I figured I would never use it for something else. It’s very pretty though.


While I was swearing sweating over my swatch, the afternoon went from light into dark and late in the evening and that’s why the picture is so awful. That little detail that I mentioned yesterday that I hadn’t figured out yet, well, it took me forever but it’s figured out now. You can’t really see it but it’s down there at the bottom, little fir trees. Then there is a subtle stitch pattern which is barely visible but I think it works pretty well with the color. Then we have the diagonal lace pattern, the tree line in the horizon. It might be too much in one knitting, I might have gone a little overboard with the symbolism, but I’ll stick to it for now. At least I’m very happy with my swatch, things worked out in the end, of which I’m glad.