Initiate Knit Design: Day #2


From a very green and colorful post we move on to a more gray one. Today in the Initiate Knit Design challenge we are moving on to sketching. We are to look at our moodboards and draw inspiration from that. We are making a cowl because it doesn’t involve increasing or decreasing. We are also to decide on stitch patterns and such. I have most of it figured out except one small detail. It’s not a big thing so if I can’t figure it out it’s not a big deal. I will look through my stitch dictionary later and see if I can find something. that works.


I’m quite inspired by this image. I¬†think a lot of pictures of the Swedish forest looks like this, with a sloping line of fir trees and I wanted that to be part of my cowl and that’s de line dividing the two halves (it could also be a creek if you prefer that). One half is then the sky, that’s the plain half, and the other is the forest itself with all the things one can find in a Swedish forest. Since I didn’t want the cowl to be too busy I’ll use a simple pattern of knit and purl to symbolize the cloudberries, lingonberries, blueberries, flowers, moulded tree trunks, moss and everything that lies on the ground in the woods. I hope my pattern will work out and we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Happy knitting!