Initiate Knit Design: Day #1


I’ve entered a five day challenge called Initiate Knit Design by Francoise Danoy, to help me get started on designing my own patterns. I’m not sure I want to actually design myself but I do love a knitting challenge. Today our first step was to find a theme and create a moodboard. The most difficult part was to actually create a collage of my moodboard but thankfully Julle was able to assist. I picked the theme forest and immeadiately saw a Swedish forest before me. I looked through the Internet for inspiration but realized I had just as good pictures myself, plus that made the moodboard more personal. All of these pictures are taken in Härjedalen except one (I photographed the anemones this afternoon) which could actually also make this a postcard for the area. Some of you might recognize the bench under the fir tree. I’m quite excited about the next step but for tonight I’m going to rejoice in the wonders of nature.