Too much green in the purple?


So, remember that spring coat I was talking about? Well, at first I thought it would be beige since that’s what most spring coats in the stores are right now but once it was clear I wouldn’t be buying a spring coat but instead my darling mum was making me one, it was also very obvious that I am not a beige person and all of the beige plans flew out the window. That and also due to the fact that I had limited time yesterday to cast on something new before the meeting where I was supposed to knit on that something new and and the beige plan yarn skeins were too big for my swift and I didn’t have the time nor the energy to wind by hand or to convince Julle find someone to hold the skein for me while I wound it. Beige plans definitely out the window. For now at least.


Enter purple plans. My purple plans aren’t perfect. First of all, I’m making a cowl and it looks like the coat will have a v-neck. It’s hard to swing a cowl, they are by definition round, into a v. Second, I’m not sure about the color. I love the pattern and I love the yarn but the color. The green might look a little mouldy but it’s impossible to say before I’ve knit some more. Which I will. Even if I don’t like it in the end I bet there is someone else who will. And the yarn in itself, beside the color, and the pattern are so nice and relaxed so I will gladly continue on.