The lawn mystery


Because I understand that looking at an unfinished pink knitting isn’t all that fun that many days in a row, I’ll give you some proof of spring today instead. While I knit on the pink shawl you can watch what I cannot (due to keeping my eyes on the knitting and the pattern. Mostly the pattern), som lovely greenery and green grass. Every year I say to myself “this year I will pay attention to the lawns, when do they go from yellow to green?” As soon as the snow has melted the lawns are looking quite miserable, dirty and muddy with yellow grass. Then all of a sudden they are green and happy and I always wonder what happened and mostly, when did it happen? This year I have been looking at the lawns but it still snuck up on me although I know that a little sun and a little rain¬†– all of which we had this weekend – was all it took for the grass to grow. I still wonder where all the yellow grass go though. I think it does a lot for the spring feeling when the lawns are becoming green, it’s one of those little details you (or at least I) don’t think much about but is essential to make it feel like spring. It amazes me to no end every single year.