The project found me


Sometimes things just works out perfectly. As you remember I had a hard time coming up with my side project – the blue mitts – and I wished it would take a long time for them to get finished because I didn’t want to have to come up with a new project again soon and then the other day I started to think it was time for them to be finished. This morning as I was biking to work I looked at my hands and saw that the cuffs on my cardigan was showing below the sleeves on my jacket and it wasn’t harmonious with my purplish mitts and I realized with all clarity that I need a pair of pink fingerless mitts. It’s absolutely essential that I get a pair of pink fingerless mitts. This afternoon I finished the blue ones and I have plans to make cuffs from the left over yarn which is perfect because while I do that I have plenty of time to search the stash for yarn and search the web for a pattern. I’m thinking something close to the yellow ones in the model but I haven’t decided yet. There are so many possibilities but at least I know they will be pink and that they will be mitts. That’s a good start.