Story continued


Well, very much as in the story I told you about yesterday – where the bus drives finally gets tired of Paris and Monte Carlo and drives back home to continue his bus route – once the pressure of having to do something was removed, it was okay to do it anyway. Since I knit so much on my pink shawl yesterday it felt okay to do this weeks clue on my current MKAL. I wasn’t feeling it with the MKAL but after this clue I think it’s starting to turn out better than expected. At my book club meeting this evening I was also able to knit a bit on the mitts so all my knittings has gotten attention this weekend which makes me feel very pleased. I’m making progress. I also managed to do some other stuff that I put off yesterday. This only prooves that a little break is necessary sometimes and that can be good to remember. Happiness is important after all and if you’re not feeling it, maybe there is something you can do about it. It’s getting clearer that this spring is cathing up on me and I should be a little careful and listen to the signs my body and mind are giving me. Knitting is usually the answer to most questions and knitting is what I’m going to do. Now, one last row and then I’m going to bed.