What the heck


There is a Swedish story called The Story About the Bus Driver Who Thought “What the Heck” (Sagan om busschauffören som tänkte att va fan), written by Tage Danielsson in 1969. It’s about a bus driver who one day gets tired of his life as a bus driver and just drives off into the sunset. When he needs money he just drives his bus around in a town for a little while and eventually he ends up in Paris with a bunch of passengers. This is what I’ve done today. I had a lot of things I had to do but I realized I didn’t want to do them and they didn’t make me happy.


So I thought “what the heck” and left the house with only my purse and and my pink shawl. I didn’t return until 12 hours later and then my shawl was considerably bigger than it was this morning. It is now bigger than the first attempt by several rows and the first yarn ball is finished. I’m thinking I will continue to think “What the heck” tomorrow as well and it will be just fine.