Freeze #2


I have talked about it before, how I wish life could sometimes be as in the theatre improvisation exercise Freeze. It usually happens when I know I’m quite close to finish a project but there still isn’t enough time ahead. (Also, “quite close to finish” can mean a few hours, it’s all relative to the size of the project. When I knit the Princess Shawl I thought I was close to finishing when I only had about 19 repeats of the final top lace left, something that took me close to 13 hours to finish). To see the finish line means to soon be able to cast on something new and there is no better motivation to finish something. Right now I have one pattern repeat and a cuff and a thumb left on the blue mitts and I just want to freeze time a little so that I can get it done. I know I’ve said that I want it not to be finished too quickly but I cast on Sunday almost two weeks ago and today if Friday and considering it took me three days to finish the yellow mitts I’d say this has dragged out quite a lot. It’s time to move on. The next step, if I have enough yarn, is to make a pair of cuffs in the same pattern. Since the mitts are my on-the-go project and I have a whole lot of knitting and reading to do at home this weekend chances are that I won’t be able to finish the blue mitts until next week. That would be sad. A new project on the needles might be just what I need right now. I might even know what to make. So I need to freeze time (people are annoyingly reluctant to do this for me, perhaps because in order for me to feel that a moment has frozen, I need everybody else to be completely motionless while I knit, and that is hard to do (I know, I’ve tried it on stage) and since time doesn’t really stop unfortunately, their time is lost on standing still which sure, I can understand would be a waste of their time (not mine though, I would be knitting while everyone else pretends they don’t see it)) but I can’t see how unless I steal some knitting moments where normally there shouldn’t be any. If you figure out any ways to freeze time for me, please let me know. I could really use it.