That gauge thing again


I have a gauge problem. I looked on my pink shawl who doesn’t use up nearly as much yarn as I thought and I decided to look at the gauge (I know, should have done that before I started to knit but come on, it’s a shawl for crying out loud). The pattern wants 16 stitches to 10 centimeters on needle size 4 mm (if I had looked closely at that from the beginning I should have known something was off. I don’t remember much from match class but I do remember to always look at my answer and check if it’s plausible. For me 16 sts to 10 cm in fingering or sport weight yarn is not plausible).


I checked my gauge and I was right, I am no where near that gauge. I have 25 stitches to 10 cm, sport weight yarn and needle 4 mm. No wonder this shawl is turning out small. I made a swatch on needle 5 mm and although I Think the fabric is a bit loose it’s better than the original one even though my gauge is still not right – this time I have about 21 stitches to 10 cm which is obviously better. I don’t want to go up another needle size so I guess 5 mm is it.


Since I have so many yarn balls (three) I’m starting a new shawl with another ball without frogging the first attempt so that I can compare the two later on. It will be interesting.