For the good knittings to come


Oh my, I completely forgot that yesterday was my blogiversary. Three years! I haven’t really understood it myself yet. In these three years I’ve moved from student housing to a condo, I’ve gotten married and I have knit and knit and knit. I’ve gotten from being a very inspired blogger to a somewhat elusive one back to an inspired one and I think that’s okay. A year ago, when I was deep in the white lace mud, I didn’t really have the energy to blog much but the lace got finished and here I am. It comes and goes but that’s okay. If there is anything I’ve learned in the past three years, it’s to be kind to myself. I’m not a bad person just because I don’t have time to do exactly everything. Just because you have a bad week doesn’t mean that things will always stay the same, and changes will forever happen. That is something I try to remember and it’s a very comforting thought. Just as a bad knitting won’t always stay the same. You can frog it our throw it away or even keep it but the point is there will be many, many good knittings in the future. You learn from your mistakes and you proceed boldly on. For the future, I wish for good insights, both knitwise and otherwise, and a happy healthy life wiht lots of knitting and blog inspiration.