Pretty little shawl


I’ve barely had time to knit on my shawl this weekend which bums me out a bit. It’s still pink and very pretty but not much bigger. My only worry, apart from it not growing at a preferable speed, is that the pattern states it needs 295 grams of yarn – three balls – and if you only consider the amount of rows, I’m more than halfway through and this is my first yarn ball. It doesn’t even look like I’m through it. I really hope this shawl will actually take 300 grams but I doubt it. I might finish it to see how much yarn was used and then rip it out to use up more if I want a bigger shawl. I think the pattern is interesting enough to be knit twice in a row so, right now, I actually don’t mind re-knit it. Oh well, that’s a question for another day.