The importance of beads

When I was knitting the Aliseda shawl I ordered a lot of beads in different shades of blue to make sure I got the right color to match the yarn. I eventually found the right color and Aliseda turned out great. Since I only needed one shade of beads that left me with a whole lot of unused beads.


Yesterday a new MKAL started and I cast on and realized after a few rounds that I didn’t care for the beads that came with the kit but luckily I have all these beads from last year. This morning I started to thoroughly go through my blue beads, comparing them with the yarn to see which one I would love the most. To the far right¬†are the beads I used for Aliseda but they didn’t feel right for this one.


In the end – and it wasn’t a very difficult choice¬†– I picked matte beads that are very close to the yarn color. I’ve knit with them and I’m very happy with the result. I think this MKAL will turn out great. I can’t wait for the next clue.