Shawls and shenanigans


I didn’t plan this but it amuses me to no end that my leisure time projects are currently color coordinated. I felt it was time for some steampunk and Gail Carriger is the author to turn to. This is the third novel in the Finishing School series about Sophronia Temminick – Waistcoats and Weaponry. So far it’s just as amusing as the previous ones and easy to follow but I’m only at the beginning and the plot will probably thicken and become more and more complex, as it usually does. When this is finished I have the next book in the series on my book shelf. It’s yellow so maybe there will be a yellow shawl in the near future too.

I have started on the second skein and eight rows later I finished the fourth chart repeat. That meant I used a little over 60 meters less than the pattern stated (even though I use bigger needles) and I have 86 grams left of my second skein. This means I most certainly will have enough yarn for another pattern repeat but I’m still unsure about a sixth. I’ll look into the possibility of only making half a pattern repeat should I have lots of yarn left after the fifth repeat. This shawl might work out well after all. I like big shawls but I barely have any. I don’t think any of tchem are long enough to cover as much of my back as I want and wide enough to cover enough of the front. It’s either/or or none at all. It’s actually quite annoying and I will have to do something about this, now that I’ve diagnosed the problem. Good goal for that next shawl!