And I would weave five hundred ends…


The plan for this weekend was to knit the snot out of my blue shawl since I’m planning on wearing it on Saturday next week. But I also felt that it was time to finish something so yesterday afternoon, when I still felt I had oceans of knitting time in front of me (completely disregardning that Friday evenings usually make me too tired to even look at knitting) I sat down to sew the sleeves to my pink cardigan. How long could it take? It turned out it took me three hours to sew one sleeve. Three hours! That’s insane. However, I did sew it very pretty and I even looked up solutions for difficulties on youtbue, but still. Three hours. After that I didn’t have the energy to knit a single stitch. This morning I sew the other sleeve and it only took me an hour and in the afternoon I weaved in the four hundred and seventytwo million ends. That also took forever but now it’s done.


I bought buttons (what a tricky task) and I’ve even sewn them. Apart from a fake pocket and a button for said pocket, the cardigan is finished and again apart from fake pocket and buttons for fake pocket, the rest of the weekend will be spent knitting blue shawl. So, my shawl is awaiting me, happy Saturday!