How much is too much?


I’m pretty sure this is the title of an Sex and the City episode but this is about something much more important, namely yarn. I have recently gotten the opportunity to get to fll some suitcase space with yarn. I will order the yarn to the address where the suitcase will stay and the owner will then fill the suitcase and bring it back to me. Now, the owner of the suitcase understands about yarn, or, at least, she understands about my relationship with yarn, but to my knowledge, the reciever of the yarn orders has no relationship what so ever with yarn and this is what troubles me. I surround myself with knitters and people who receive knit stuff, people who has come with me to the yarn store or has seen my stash (and some have learned the hard way what yarn means to me). They know about my relationship with yarn, they know what is much and what is barely scraping the surface.

Obviously I have gotten orders that I can’t order too much, but what is too much? There is “too much” for the suitcase space and there is “too much” in the eyes f the non-believers, the non-knitters. To me, two skeins is not even started and four is a bare minimum but someone else might think that four is more than anyone could possibly ever need. (One day I will make a count of how much yarn I use in one year and then we can really talk about what is too much and what is necessary to go through my every day.) Well, I’ll try to be as modest as I can and I guess in the end we might know what is too much or we will at least know what is not too much. Either way will be good for future yarn adventures.