A fairy godmother with a two weeks delay


One thing (among many) I love about being a knitter is that I can decide I need something and make sure I have it. It’s like waving a wand like a fairy godmother and voilĂ , there you have it. Or, you’ll have it a little while later. In Warsaw over Christmas I picked up this gorgeous black and blue lace dress and I wore it for New Year’s but didn’t really have a shawl for it. Since then I have purchased yarn that might work but didn’t really think more of it. A little while ago I got a party invitation and last night I started to think about what to wear. My gorgeous dress was the obvious answer and suddenly it hit me – I need a shawl. I have less than two weeks to finish it and the first step is to decide which yarn is best, the one to the right or the one to the left. I have decided on a pattern and if nothing hugely unexpected happens there will be a shawl – petrol blue or somber greenish – warming my shoulders on this party in less than two weeks. It will be fabulous!