Let’s knit like it was 2014

In (relatively speaking) early 2014 I did a little summary of all the things I knit in 2013. It was fun to collect some statistics of what it is that I actually do all year. Then in early 2015 there were still a lot of unphotographed items and I was in a weird winter mood and didn’t feel very inspired when it came to blogging and also, we had a wedding to plan and lace to make, so I never made a summary of the knitting year 2014. Honestly, the picture problem was the biggest obstacle and there are still some things lost from that year but since then I have gotten better at taking pictures and these past few months I’ve really made an effort to find pictures of everything that were just blank spaces on my ravely project page.

To get some closure and really finish off 2014 and I figure it’s time to make a summary now (don’t worry, there will be one for 2015 too) divided in knits for me and knits for others. This is the summary of knits for others.

Amount of projects finished: 52
Amount of knitted gifts: 37 if you don’t count every single washcloth but merely the amount of receivers. If you count every washcloth the number is 40 and the above number is 55.
Most used needle size (gifts): 4 mm, used 11 times, followed by 3,5 mm used 7 times and 5 mm used six times. There were also two projects were I didn’t specify which needle size I used. I shouldn’t do that.
Biggest needles used: 7 mm, used one time on the Lace Texture Cowl.
Smallest needles used: 2.25 mm
Most common garment (gifts): sweaters/cardigans/vests for a total of 11 due to all those kids. Followed by 6 shawls and 6 washcloths. I’m most surpised about the 5 hats. I had totally forgotten about most of them.
Most used yarn weight: Sport 10 times, but only because I didn’t count every single washcloth, I only counted the number of receivers. Had I done that DK would have been most common with 11. Now it’s only in third place since Light fingering scored a 9 and DK 8. Least used was Lace with only one time (and there were also some that weren’t used at all but let’s leave them out. Actually, the left overs from that one lace project is what I use for my current lace project.
Most common recipient: Agnieszka and nephew got five things each. In total I have 25 friends and family who got something knitted in 2014. Other than that it was again the kids’ year. I made 15 projects for kids and babies. (15!) It also looks like it’s good to be friends with me – 18 projects were for friends (family not counted).
Amount of projects for me: a surprising 15


The first projects that was both started and finished in 2014 was for Agnieszka.


Antler Hat by tincanknits. Yarn: Malabrigo Rios, color Sunset. I added a pompom.


Purl Ridge Scarf by Stephen West in Malabrigo Rios, color Sunset.


Sky Blue by Star Athena in Malabrigo Sock, color Persia. All these projects were meant to keep Agnieszka warm while spending a semester in the States.


In March I went to visit Agnieszka and other friends in the States which meant February was spent knitting for these lovely people.


Haruni by Emily Ross. Yarn: Drops Lace from Garnstudio, color red. This shawl was meant as something light enough to work in the summer but also warm enough to protect from draught.


Lyndsey turned 30 in late February so I took the opportunity to celebrate her while visiting in the States.


Luster shawl by Amélie Bernier in Malabrigo worsted, colors Jewel Blue and Lettuce. We took the pictures when it had finally started to look like spring.


While in the States we also held a baby shower for Lyndsey and I had made this as a gift for my little nephew. It’s my own pattern and the yarn is Fin from Du store alpakka, color 221 Håndmalt i grønn/beige toner (handpainted in green/beige). I knit this when I was looking into having more colors in my life. I don’t know what I was thinking.


By the end of March I had realized that I was way behind on the baby sweaters and thus started Project Baby Love.


Another one of my own patterns. Yarn is Malabrigo Sock, color Persia. I drew the cable charts while doodling during a conference.


Puss – First size knitted set from Patons, a vintage pattern. Yarn: Drops Baby Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio, colors 7820 green and 5670 brown.  This was one of those projects that turned out just perfect. Not good, not great, but perfect.


Go Your Own Way Shawlette by Star Athena in Malabrigo sock, color Terracota. For my friend Hanna who sadly isn’t here anymore.


Lilla Loppan from Yllotyll in Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK, colors Limey, Yellow and Blue. The yarn is great but the pattern reminded me of what I think of colorwork.


Modular cardigan by Doreen L. Marquart in Drops Safran from Garnstudio, colors 20 Rust and 06 Denim. Mods: knit the cardigan top down with long-tail cast on instead of yoke up with a provisional cast on. This was knit together with…


Star-Topped Hat by Doreen L. Marquart, also in Drops Safran from Garnstudio, colors 20 Rust and 06 Denim. Together they became a very cute set.


Antler Cardigan by tincanknits in Drops Lima from Garnstudio in color 3609 red. This was the last cardigan for baby nephew that year.


April was a productive month and I finished it by making a little matching bonnet for Sofia. Bonnet waves and half star by Siona Land modified with the lace from Puss – First size knitted set from Patons. Yarn: Drops Baby Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio, color and 5670 Brown. I think that this hat together with the cardigan is probably my favorite thing among the knits of 2014.



After all those baby sweaters and cardigans in April I was happy to make something without sleeves for a change and in came Viggo by Drops Design in Drops Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio, colors Powder and Pale Green.


I don’t only have a nephew, I have a niece too. A niece who at that time was very delighted by ladybugs so I made her the Ladybug Pullover by Heather Lodinsky in Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK from Sirdar, color is limey I think.


In June a friend turned 30 but she decided to have her party about three weeks earlier than the actual birthday which gave me pretty short notice to finish her gift but I did it in time and before June had even started. Holden by Mindy Wilkes in Malabrigo sock, color Candombe.



The first weekend in June we went to no less than three birthday parties. We were pretty tired after that. Another gift that was made for these parties was the Rosa Rubiginosa Mitts by Hunter Hammersen in Malabrigo Sock, color 204 Velvet grapes.


A lot of my friends have their birthdays in June and there were many gifts made. 2014 was the year of wristwarmers apparently. Narcissus pseudo-narcissus Cuff by Hunter Hammersen in Malabrigo sock, color Light of Love.


In June Agnieszka came home again and I hurried to finish her shawl, The Doctor Who inspired Bigger on the inside by Kate Atherley in Heart You from Nerd Girl Yarns, color Tardis Blue.


Rosa Rubiginosa Mitts by Hunter Hammersen in Drops Baby Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio, color 6347 blue purple (I think).


I didn’t finish a single gift in July but it was a very hot month so I’m surprised I finished anything at all.



I gave designing a go again in August and made a washcloth for a friends birthday. Yarn is Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK from Sirdar, color red.


I found a yarn were the color practically screamed my co-worker’s name so I had to make her something from it. Lace Texture Cowl by Karen D. Kendrick-Hands. Yarn: BFL fingering from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, color Crabby Apple Green.


Green became a theme when I made my first baby blanket. Sea of Dreams Baby Blanket by Aimee Alexander in Drops Merino Extra Fine from Garnstudio in color 18 Green.



In September we went to a wedding. The wedding had fall colors as a theme so I made Three other washcloths in Sirdar Snyggly Baby Bambo DK in red, orange and purple.


The recipient of the first vest I made grew very fast and had outgrown his vest before even wearing it so I made him another one. The pockets! Junior from DROPS design in DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio, color 3609 red.



I got sick in October and made use of the time by knitting a friend a hat. Sitka Spruce by tincanknits in Malabrigo Worsted, color Jewel Blue.


One of my MKALs became a great gift my my aunt. Twisted Haze by Cindy Garland in Stunning String Studio’s Stunning Superwash in color Copper Berry.


My friend Emelie mentioned on the blog that she likes socks so I made her a pair. Delias eucharis Sock by Hunter Hammersen in Cascade Yarns Heritage, color Primavera.


II also decided that Shrimpie needed a neck warmer so I made one. I chose yellow so that it would be easy to spot at daycare. Spring neckwarmer by Justyna Lorkowska in Debbie Bliss’ Baby Cashmerino in colors Butter and Primrose.



In November started the Christmas knitting for real and I set out for socks. My own pattern in Järbo garn mellanraggi, color 308.



And another pair, also my own pattern, also an afterthought heel and also in Järbo garn mellanraggi but this time in color 312.


As a Christmas gift for my niece I knit the most lovely dress. The brown ribbon was really the icing on the cake. It’s simply adorable. Snow Princess by Melissa Wehrle in Gaea Sport from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, color Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie.


Then my niece’s grandma got a couple of spring colored washcloths. Again my own pattern in Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK in limey and, I guess, blue.


I stealth knit something during fall of 2014 too. A vest for Julle. 28-29-45 Men’s Cabled Vest by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd) in Cascade 220 from Cascade Yarns, color 4649. This was the first time I knit from a Japanese pattern.


From the left over yarn I made a hat for my mum. Orvieto hat by Nina Machlin Dayton in Cascade 220 from Cascade Yarns, color 4649.


The last knitted gift of 2014 was a lovely little cardigan for a new baby. The color must be the most perfect pink. Stella by Linden Down in Malabrigo sock, color Light of Love.

That’s it. All these projects were gifts in 2014. Most of them are great. Some of them are indifferent even though still good and a precious few are perfect in every way. It will be nice to be able to put 2014 behind us.