Happy Valentine’s!


Happy Valentine’s to you all! I’ve spent the day on my couch with my knitting. It’s been awesome. I haven’t done all that I wanted to but you can’t have it all, knitwise I’m on track. I have finished this week’s MKAL clue and that was my biggest goal. I’ve also read a good part of this weeks book club book and actually rested, which was needed because yesterday was great fun but not much rest.


Saturday – Galentine’s – was a real tribute to women in general and my friends in particular. It started with a meeting with the bobbin lace guild and continued with afternoon tea with a good friend. In the evening my hand craft friends came over and we drank a gallon of tea each and there were no shortage of snacks and chocolate. All the best things combined – friendship, handcraft, tea, chocolate, yarn and so much more.


Tonight it’s a week since I picked up my UFO cardigan again and I can say I’ve gotten as far on the second sleeve as I had on the first sleeve when I put it down two and a  half years ago. This means I’ve made on whole sleeve in a week (while only knitting on it at home and never in public – I have a lace cowl for that) and that it might actually happen this time with this cardigan, it might get finished if not anything very unexpected happens. A whole sleeve, can you imagine? Also, I might now why I left off in the first place. There are a lot of increases over a long time in this cardigan and when you are finally done with them you want it to be time to start decreasing for the armhole but it isn’t. Not even close. I know this because I have one finished sleeve and I know that I have  76 rows left before the armhole. I can do that now because I know exactly what’s done (200 rows) and what’s left but I didn’t know that with the first sleeve, I had nothing to compare it to. I respond very well to math in cases like this, I like to know what I’ve done and how much is left in actual numbers, not something abstract like “knit a gazillion rows till you reach 20 inches” which was all I had on the first sleeve. 76 rows can obviously be done and I intend to do it. Soon.