The difficulty of photography


While I continue to knit on my sleeve (and my lace cowl that reminds me how much I dislike knitting with lace weight yarn) I’ll take a moment here to look at something finished.


Lat year a very Lovely woman made me a wedding dress and as a way to really thank her I wanted to knit her the most beautiful shawl. I picked out yarn and pattern and beads and knit and knit and then it was finished and I needed to take pictures of it before I gave it away.


Taking pictures turned out to be tricky. I went out late one afternoon but it was hard to find som sunlight and a good place to place the shawl. Eventually I took a few clothes pegs and Went out to the nearly deserted school yard Close to my apartment. There I pegged the shawl to a fence and started shooting away. A few kids who were playing soccer asked me what I was doing and said they thought it would look cool with the sun through the holes in the shawl. I agreed.


But even though I had found a good place I still wasn’t satisfied with the result. There was too much of the background shining through the shawl. The kids were right, it’s a cool effect but makes it so much harder to see the actual shawl. Then it hit me. The recipient of the shawl didn’t “just” make me a wedding dress and matching pantalettes, she aslo gave me a dummy.


After that things got easy and has continued easy all through fall. Whenever I have a finished project like a sweater or a shawl I just put the dummy on the balcony and the garment on the dummy. I do sometimes miss not to be able to photograph the lenght of the shawl like I used to but it beats having all those dark winter pictures or not being able to take pictures at all between October and April.


The shawl turned out just the way I wanted and was a pure delight (if somewhat tedious towards the end like most projects you just want to be finished. I’m still surprised things actually don’t knit themselves while I look away. I still expect the red lace I’m working on to knit itself but so far no luck (well, actually, I did a few rounds earlier today and I seem closer to the end than I thought so maybe it has actually knit itself a little bit, just to get me past the place where it seems on never makes any progres)).


I’m really glad that I decided I would make a very elegant shawl and that I could pull through, that an elegant shawl was what I got. That should mean that if I want a warm shawl, the Chance is big that I actually make a warm shawl and so on. This might not sound like a big deal but I think it is, not all things turn out the way you want them or expect them to be.


The first beads I found wasn’t right, I felt that from the beginning, but I didn’t want to frog the shawl so they are different on the top lace from the bottom lace. I don’t think it matters though, it’s still a very, very pretty shawl and it feels appropriate that it was the first garment that was photographed on the dummy. That dummy is really a knit pics saver.


Pattern: Aliseda by Susanna IC. Yarn: Malabrigo Sock, color Azules.