It’s even the same dye lot


The irony that I am now sticking to knitting sleeves when I’ve just declared that thumbs are the new sleeves, is not lost on me. I have indeed finshed the sleeve and started a new one. The top part that looks “cleaner” is what I’ve knit since yesterday, the more wrinkled part is from two and a half years ago.


Also, I had to dig out the entire pink shelf of my stash to find the rest of the yarn to finish the second sleeve. I have a lot of pink yarn, and that’s only fingering weight or lighter. I found some things there I had forgotten and also some things I wonder why I bought. All in all it’s a good shelf but seeing it┬áspread out on a table like this, I actually thought it would be more.


That aside, I did find the yarn I was looking for. Three pretty skeins, more than enough to finish. Sleeve knitting, here we go!