A color chart of my own


Today I’ve spent doing something yarn related but not necessarily knitting . For the MKALs I’m doing I often get to choose yarn color from Stunning String Studio¬†and it’s always difficult to visualize from a screen. I have made mistakes in my picks and it’s never fun when that happens. The other day though, I realized I have a made a lot with yarn from that particular company and I should be able to make a fairly good color chart myself to make it easier to pick colors in the future.


Using the color names from the company page on the Internet, I wrote them down on the computer and printed them. Then I put scotch tape on the sides to make them a little stronger and then I cut holes in the paper, on for each color name.


Then the fun part started: locate every left over yarn I’ve ever used from that yarn company, cut a piece and put it in the booklet. It took a while and I’m sure there are still some yarn left here and there but when I find them I’ll put them in the booklet as well. I was right, I do have a lot of yarn in different colors from this company.


All in all I’m quite pleased with my color chart and it has already helped me picking out yarn for the next MKAL. Eventually I’ll fill out all the gaps but there is no hurry. We have time and I have a color chart.