White Queen Stole


I know that these pictures seem a little odd this time of the year but let me tell you, it all makes sense.  First of all, even though winter is the best time of the year to wear knitted goods (I’m wearing my Vampire shawl right now), one can need a little break from pictures of socks and mittens and so on. One can also need a reminder that even though I love snow and prefer it much much more to the alternative (slushy) this time of the year, there is a summer with warm and lovely colors and green lawns and flowers and vacation and so on.


It’s funny, this time of the year I can’t even imagine that the sun can be up till 10 pm and during summer I can’t understand that it can be dark by 3 pm. Right now it’s difficult to see that the greenery in these pictures have actually been and will come back and when we were taking these photos I couldn’t understand that I would plod in snow a few months later. In October, when I plan things for May, I have a hard time to believe that May will come again.


I know intellectually that February is close and that I should be careful with what colors I pick to knit but even thought it’s January 21st I can’t seem to understand that February is here in just ten days. Neither can I understand that it’s only four weeks since Christmas and that I have only been back to work two weeks. Insane.


The snow helps with the color depression and that most days are sunny. It also helps that our home is lovely and light and that we have a pink couch (and chocolate). Two years ago we had just moved in to our new home and it takes a while to get everything ready and that was not helping with my need for color (and to not knit in blue).


I have been knitting a lot of blues, grays and white’s lately so maybe I should look into something more colorful before February hits me. I should also try to finish Julle’s second mitten so that he won’t have to walk around with one warm and one cold hand. Also, this is the time when they are needed, not later on in May (at least let’s hope so).


I have been okay with my knittings so far but the other day I started longing for something new to cast on and looked disappointedly at all my current projects. The solution is to finish, and quick. My MKAL is nowhere near finished so there is not much to do there but keep up so I don’t fall behind. I have just started the sixth color on my third Vacillate so more than half of it is done. It should be finished in a week or so.


The second mitten isn’t cast on yet but I hope to take care of that tonight. The second mitten has a different pattern than the first so it should continue to be interesting (although I saw someone else’s mitten in progress, still colorwork but a different pattern, and that colorwork was flawless, and not lumpy at all, from what the picture told me and that was a little demoralizing. It didn’t even looked blocked).


Luckily I also have my back-up. I have that UFO in glowing green left from last summer and that should imeadiately lift my spirits up should they start to sink. I will just have to remember that in time. I will give the second mitten a fair chance but if it doesn’t work my glowing green is the answer to everything.


There is Another reason I think this shawl is appropriate to show right now. It’s called the White Queen Stole and from what I remember, the White Queen was quite into winter. I made it this summer to wear over my wedding dress in case it would be a chilly day – with all of July being quite cold and it raining like crazy the whole day two days before the wedding, it wasn’t crazy thought at all – but it turned out to be the most beautiful summer day so I never needed it. Now it’s a shawl I bring out for parties and special occasions. I’m especially fond of the little beads that covers it.


Pattern: White Queen Stole by Susanna IC. Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Silkpaca, color Natural. I made a few extra pattern repeats of the middle part of the shawl to really make it a wrap. It’s surprisingly warm for such a light shawl.