No, I’m not bored, quite the opposite


I am, as you know, a public knitter. I knit all the time. Sometimes I think people think I’m bored when I take out my knitting and they try to make sure I’m okay and they want to find things to do so I won’t have to knit. They seem to think that knitting is something I do when I don’t have anything else to do but in fact it’s the opposite. Knitting is what I do, it’s my main thing, the other stuff is just what I do when I don’t knit. Therefore if you see me knit you know I’m happy and comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing other things as well, such as buy yarn or eat chocolate or hang out with friends or going to zumba or dance class or whatever (come to think of it, I can only see one of those things not compatible with knitting, you know, your wool gets sticky when your hands are sweaty…) but I also love knitting. It’s something to keep my hands busy and sure, I knit when I’m bored too (there has been a date or two in the past that ended with me knitting and the date looking offended but I totally blame that on the other part and certainly not the knitting) but I’m never bored with a knitting and deliberately trying to keep me from knitting is not a way of cheering me up. So, don’t worry about me when I’m knitting, I can assure you am quite content.

To give a little example on how much I knit in public I’ll show you my shawl in progress (yes, that is a third Vacillate). I started it Saturday a week ago and I have only knit on it outside my own home. I’m halfway through and again, I have only been knitting on it outside my home. Half a shawl in one week. That’s insane. But also very cool because while I’ve been knitting on this while out and about I am up to speed with my current MKAL and have made almost one entire mitten. That’s a lot of knitting.