London calling, and I don’t wanna shout


My Springtime is finally blocking and it looks like I will have a new shawl pretty soon. I was right, it’s turning out too small but it might still work out. Springtime was the third MKAL last year. The seventh (out of the eigth) was a delicious shawl, my favorite of all the MKAL’s so far, I think. It must be the most lovely color ever. It’s beautiful in every way.


I’m so glad this was a single color shawl, one couldn’t possible pair this yarn color with anything else. The shawl in itself is also pretty. In fact, it’s so elegant I haven’t really dared to wear it more than once. This, as most of my knits, is also a tad small. (Again, I must remember to always go up a needle size when knitting Cindy’s pattern.)


The lace pattern is a little complicated and I think that the beads, triangular in fact, really adds to the elegance.


The shawl is knit from the bottom up and the beads are added already at the cast on. That was the  hardest part on the entire shawl but it really paid off, it looks very pretty. Now I just need to find some very elegant events where I can wear this very elegant shawl.


Pattern: London Shadows by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Super Sport from Stunning String Studio, color is the wonderfully delicious Mulled Wine. The pattern name inspired me to constantly hum London Calling by The Clash while knitting on it.