Method in the madness


If you look at my unfinished objects, UFO, from last year you can tell that the amount I have left to make correlates with how close we are to the wedding. This is especially true when it comes to my MKAL projects. The first MKAL of 2015 I finished right on time. The second was all but finished except six ends to weave in. The third, shown above, had about twelve rows left when I left it back in May. The fifth (I didn’t even start the fourth but that was more due to the color of the yarn – Christmas red in May felt wrong – and the fact that I have absolutely no use of a silk summer scarf, it looks ridiculous on me) I had high hopes for but due to massive color problems I only finished the first clue. Then, after the wedding, I finished all the three remaining MKAL’s in August, October and December.

Now, it seems I’ve picked the UFO’s in the order I started them. The end were woven in earlier this week and I have now picked up MKAL number three. It’s called Paris in the Springtime and it feels befitting since, from what I can tell in the shops, this spring’s color is light pink and this shawl is, well it is actually purple but it looks pink. I have five rows left and I think I might have it blocking by the end of the weekend. Also, I chose my UFO’s carefully, not based on the order they were started, even though that happened too, but due to color and potential end of winter depression. I am sensitive to colors by late January and no one can tell for how long this tidying up the knitting phase will last and by weaving in the ends first I had a finished project and a sense of progress in about three minutes from forming the plan in the first place. Also, the colors of that cowl are not compatible with me in February. The one above has grey in it and that (and blue) could be a problem in a few weeks. Hence, I started that one as well and now I’ve moved past the gray and there is only purple/pink left till the end. The third project is neon green which will be perfect in February. Plus, if my hunch that pink is the color of the spring is correct and I finish my shawl soon, I will again be attempting to be in vogue for once, attempting being the operative word here.