A Winter’s Hat Tale


It’s been a cold but lovely winter’s day and the temperature is crawling lower and lower. Luckily my new hat is all but finished and I enjoyed it immensely. It’s warm and big and comfortable. A hair-do will fit under it and it stays put. It’s also very pretty.


It’s perhaps not the absolute perfect color for my winter coat but it’s not wrong either. I’m really glad I found this yarn in my stash and I think this hat was the perfect project for it.


I added one extra pattern repeat to make sure it would be big enough. My purple hat has a tendency to slide up and I don’t like having to pull it down all the time. This one stays down. And I think it will fit a bun or a big braid under it and that is very essential to me. The pattern is pretty, simple and easy to memorize. It looks more complicated than it is and works well with a semi-solid yarn color.


The hat was warm today but not too warm. If the temperature gets much lower I’m not sure it would be warm enough, but then again, not many hats would. It was almost ten degrees below zero today and the hat could take it and that’s really all you could ask for in a hat. Not many days are cooler than that in one year and if it gets much cooler other precautions must be taken as well; maybe a pair of sweatpants over the pantyhose, a pair of socks in the winter boots, gloves under mittens and so on. Double hats wouldn’t be weird at all.


Pattern: Sand Bank by Justyna Lorkowska. Yarn: Malabrigo Rios, color Cumparsita. Mods: one extra pattern repeat added.