The fault in the plan


Today I found out the problem with my great plan for the new year. Picking up old projects requires a little time, you need to figure out where in the pattern you are and maybe some stitches has fallen off, maybe there is a device you need, whatever. It’s just not something you grab as you leave the house. And that’s what I needed today. You also don’t want something that is so close to finished that it might end while you’re out and that is too big to comfortably stay in my lap while I knit at a café or a friends couch or something. My current main project is very close to finished and, as a consequence, it’s also very big. I solved the problem by grabbing a set of needles and a skein of yarn and headed out. It wasn’t an old project, no, and I have cast on (my go-to socks pattern at the moment) so technically I have cast on a new previously un-planned project but I did use stash yarn which is how I get away with it. That is my story and I’m sticking with it!