So much fun


I know it’s after Christmas and most of my Christmas gifts have been opened by their respective recipients and I should really start showing all my knits but no, I haven’t yet. It’s just so much that compete for my attention. The weather is lovely, the sun is shining and is snow on the ground and I try to be outside and meet friends and cast on new projects and oops, maybe I can finish something quick till tomorrow when I meet a friend who is working in a very cold library at the moment. I want to cast on a shawl as soon as I have decided if I want it yellow or red (I started thinking of it as yellow but it is no longer fall and a chanterelle colored shawl might not be the best idea right now. The red is a pinkish red so it’s not all too Christmas connected but quite suitable for spring. I think, the yarn is still in the frezer) and I want to finish two other shawls as well. And maybe cast on a new sweater. It is days off after all and no one can blame me for wanting to make the most out of it. By most, I obviously mean the most knitting but since knitting is very portable I can bring it wherever, except maybe to the gym, the instructors would probably frown upon me knitting in zumba class even if I explained that I was trying to finish something on a tight deadline.

Enjoy your days and happy knitting!