Turn your back to it


I have decided to set a good example. I was searching for a pattern online and thought I had found just the thing but I wanted to see both sides of it, not just the fancy front but also the back. Not many people had shared photos of their version of this pattern but a few had. Most of them showed only the fancy front (in multiple pictures, I might add) which annoyed me a bit but I had definitely had enough when someone instead of showing the back of the project, had decided to put up a picture of their cat. I understand that people love their pets (I should hope so, otherwise they shouldn’t have pets) but maybe your pet isn’t really the important thing when you are showing off knitting? This might be because I am not an animal person at all but unless you are knitting something for a pet that said pet is modelling for you, I can’t really see how a pet picture can be of use in this context. There must be other forums where a pet picture is not only accepted but wanted but a knitting community might not be it (even though I’m definitely familiar with and understand the lovely and often-shown-in-kid’s-stories combination of a knitter and a pet (you wouldn’t catch me in one of those combinations though, when I knit at friends’-with-pets houses the pet in question either look too interested in my yarn for my taste or simply lies down on my pattern which makes knitting from that pattern much harder)). Not that I have a pet, and since I couldn’t get a view of this particular project from the back I will just have to cast on and see what happens and set a good example by showing the not only back but wrong side (remember, I never asked to see the wrong side, only the back of this project) of my current project. It’s stranded and it’s unblocked but here it is. And there is no pet to cover it up.